Don’t settle for a job half done. Combine the power of Pure FlashArray//m with Cohesity DataPlatform to complete your end-to-end storage transformation. Together, Cohesity and Pure give you all-flash speed and web-scale data management, in one integrated solution.


Snapshot-based data protection for fast recovery points and non-disruptive operation


Automated, policy-driven data protection, from primary to secondary storage


Scale-out data management platform from on-premises to public cloud

Full end-to-end integration

Cohesity and Pure Storage FlashArray//m provide complete end-to-end integration to deliver fast, simple snapshot-based data protection.

Policy-based automation of snapshot creation, tiering, and retention across FlashArray//m and Cohesity

Efficient tiering of snapshots from FlashArray//m to Cohesity

Application-consistent data protection with pre- and post-snapshot scripts

Flexible restore of snapshots from Cohesity to any FlashArray//m – the original primary storage array or any alternate array

Ultimate data protection for your business-critical applications

Faster RPOs and RTOs

Replace traditional data protection with Pure FlashArray//m snapshots to reduce RPOs from days to minutes, provide near-instantaneous RTOs, and eliminate impact on production applications.

Two layers of protection

Tier your snapshots from FlashArray//m to Cohesity and protect your data even when your primary storage becomes unavailable.

Simple, cost-efficient data protection

Eliminate traditional data protection silos with a simple, converged data protection platform. Keep your long-term data on Cohesity with best-in-class TCO and space efficiency to reduce overall data protection costs.

Policy-based automation

Automate snapshot creation, tiering and retention across both FlashArray// and Cohesity. Create policies in Cohesity and assign those policies to individual applications for complete end-to-end automation.

Application-consistent snapshots

Make your FlashArray//m snapshots application-consistent by automatically executing pre- and post-snapshot scripts to put applications in an app-consistent state.

Flexible restore to any FlashArray//m

Recover snapshots stored on Cohesity to any FlashArray//m. Applications can be recovered not only to the original primary storage device, but also to an alternate array located either in the same datacenter or in a DR site.

Public cloud integration

Integrate natively with the public cloud for archival and replication. Use Cohesity to archive or replicate your snapshots to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Reduce the cost of data archival and disaster recovery.

Faster test/dev processes

Instantaneously clone any snapshot stored on Cohesity and recover to your FlashArray//m used for test/dev. Provide developers with fast access to copies of production snapshots to accelerate test/dev processes. Test/dev copies can be provided to any point-in-time available in the backup snapshots, for more efficient debugging and problem solving.

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“We chose Cohesity with Pure Storage, to deliver best-in-class data protection for our demanding production environments. Cohesity provides superior ease of use, simplified scaling, and lowest total-cost-of-ownership.”
Ed Krupka
Chief Information Officer

“Cohesity’s direct backup of Pure FlashArray//m snapshots provides another layer of data protection for our mission critical apps that’s easy to use from the Cohesity DataProtect administrative console”.
Chris Yinger
Senior Director of Information Technology

“Together, Pure and Cohesity provide a complete end-to-end storage solution for our virtualized server environment.”
Eric Zuspan
Senior Administrator