50/50 Guarantee

Give us at least 50 TB of data to protect, and we’ll save you at least 50% on the forecasted 3-year costs to protect that data, compared to your legacy data protection hardware and software. No fine print, no gimmick - you’ll save 50% or you can return the gear for a full refund.


Cohesity right-sizes your cluster and eliminates the need to overprovision capacity. Reduce CapEx and only purchase more capacity when you need it. No more cash up front for unused capacity.

No Forklift Upgrades – Ever!

Free yourself from the cumbersome hardware refresh cycles every 3-5 years. Cohesity offers a Forklift Free architecture with non-disruptive upgrades. Hardware is upgraded by simply deploying newer nodes into an existing cluster and – if desired – retiring older nodes. Cohesity automatically rebalances the data between all your available nodes.

Seamless Integration

You don’t have to rip-and-replace your existing infrastructure to use Cohesity. You can start with a narrow use case. Over time – you can expand your use cases as meets your needs, for example by gradually introducing our data protection software. The transition can happen today, next week or even next year.

Our Guarantee

We’re serious about our commitment. In fact – if for any reason you feel like we haven’t lived up to our commitment – you can return your Cohesity hardware and licenses with a full refund for a 30-day period. No questions asked. Please see below for Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Guarantee applies to purchases made between 04/01/2017 and 07/31/2017
  • Applies only to new customers placing a Purchase Order without a prior Proof of Concept
  • 30-day return period begins the date of initial arrival at customer site
  • Hardware must be returned in like-new condition, or else customer pays reconditioning costs