Cohesity and our “Platform-First” Strategy

Many people don’t know about the first half of my career prior to joining NetApp in 2011.  From ’99-’06, I operated in a consultant capacity doing various implementations and designs, AD and Exchange migrations, and building large-scale networks (dark fiber, pre-MPLS, Cisco 12000 GSR’s and 10k Sonnet) for financial and gov’t institutions.  One of the… Read More >

Kicking Up Hybrid Cloud with Google!

Cohesity has announced the release of advanced hybrid cloud capabilities on its Hyperconverged Secondary Storage (#HCSS) platform.  This is significant for Cohesity, Google, and our enterprise customer base in many ways, but I want to focus on two key areas that exist today – and – provide a preview of some additional cloud functionality coming in… Read More >

Customer Spotlight: Annenberg School of Communication, Univ of Pennsylvania

At Cohesity, we love our customers!  And we especially love when our customers write amazing things about their successful implementations and happiness with our products! Too often, you only hear complaints, so it’s refreshing when someone takes the time to share their experience in detail, throughout the good and the bad. This post was originally… Read More >

Cohesity goes All-in on Cloud

One of the biggest problems I’ve found personally with any sort of public cloud adoption is making it digestible for the enterprise. The Enterprise needs consistency, reliability, and most importantly … access, visibility, and predictable costs. The priorities and tools leveraged shift, not to mention the various people using the resources. Too many times, we have heard… Read More >

Cohesity on the vSpeaking Podcast!

As Tech Evangelist here at Cohesity, a core function of my job is spreading the good word about our products and features, and telling the story of why our platform is truly game-changing, and arguably the best innovation in data protection in a decade or more. Many of you have seen me jumping around all over… Read More >

OASIS – Keeping the Cohesity File System Robust, Efficient, & Clean

The Cohesity filesystem, known as OASIS, keeps itself focused on providing the best read and write throughput and response times, all while maintaining strict data integrity at all times. In order to keep the system performing up to this task, it relies on several background services to chip in. These background tasks also allow OASIS to… Read More >

Cohesity at Storage Field Day 9!

Big thanks to Stephen Foskett for putting together another amazing round of Storage Field Day!  For the second time in six months, Cohesity presented to the delegation our vision, product, and roadmap for the future.  We received some great feedback overall, and had a great time mingling with the delegates. We started things off with… Read More >

Check Out Cohesity at Pure//Accelerate!

The trade show season of 2016 kicks off with Pure//Accelerate this week! The page sums up the theme of the show perfectly… The most disruptive minds of the data revolution are smashing the barriers between thinking and doing. They’re making it happen at the right place, right time, and calling it Pure//Accelerate 2016. Join them in… Read More >

Leverage Cloud for Long-Term Data Archival with Cohesity

Due to the astronomical growth of data over the past decade or so, enterprises are struggling to find ways to balance the needs between business growth and its ease of operation. One of the many challenges for modern IT is to archive cold data (i.e. less frequently accessed data, to relatively cheap storage such as… Read More >

Announcing the Cohesity Data Platform v2!

As excited as I am to share the release of the Cohesity Data Platform v2, simply calling this a “v2” is an understatement of understatements! Our engineers have been relentlessly working to make the vision of hyperconverged secondary storage a reality. This new release now has all the core enterprise building blocks to deliver key… Read More >