Cohesity 4.0 takes the vision of hyperconverged secondary storage to the next level. Cohesity 4.0 extends the capabilities of our web-scale platform to include:

  • S3-comaptible object storage to consolidate backups, files, and objects on one platform
  • Data protection for NAS systems such as NetApp filers. This expands the existing coverage of Cohesity DataProtect, which includes virtual servers, physical servers, databases and Pure Storage FlashArray//m
  • Erasure coding to increase the usable capacity of DataPlatform by 43% compared to replication
  • Improved data protection management with support for vCenter tags and folders, and Role-Based Access Control
  • Improved support for file services (NAS) with quotas and Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM)

Join us in this webcast to learn more about our latest release, Cohesity 4.0. And see how the Cohesity web-scale platform can consolidate your secondary storage and data services on one unified, efficient solution.

Featured Presenter:
Gaetan Castelein
Head of Product Marketing