Simplicity is Key for Data Management in Enterprise Data Centers

“Simplicity in data centers is of the utmost importance in the IT industry today. In our fast-paced digital world, organizations just can’t wait the 30 to 100 days it once took to implement the complex solutions once deployed to meet complex needs. What’s needed are simple data center solutions that still meet those complex needs.… Read More >

Announcing the brand new Cohesity Solution Guide for VMware

The Cohesity Solution Guide for VMware is hot off the press! The first version of this guide took a look into the deep integration of the Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect software with the VMware solution stack. The guide goes into detail about key elements of system design, integration, architecture and recommended practices. Key sections include:… Read More >

Happy New Year: Top 10 Cohesity Highlights of 2016

As we send good wishes for a happy 2017, we would like to reflect on the great moments and accomplishments in 2016. It was an incredibly busy and productive year for Cohesity. Not only did we celebrate our one-year anniversary of public launch in June, we revealed new features that enhance our products and won… Read More >

Cohesity’s new Tech Talk Video series provides deep-dive insights into hyperconverged secondary storage

Cohesity is pleased to announce a new series of technical presentations that are now available on our YouTube channel. These presentations span a number of different topics and include deeper insights into Cohesity’s inner-workings including file system and storage efficiency design, Microsoft SQL Server backup and restore and vRealize automation. Johnny Chen begins the series… Read More >

Cohesity’s Journey into the Cloud at Amazon re:Invent 2016

What an amazing week with the Amazon community! After five days in Las Vegas, Cohesity came away with thousands of new friends and contacts all throughout the cloud community. From architects to storage admins to CIOs, it seemed as if anyone working within the cloud ecosystem was at AWS re:Invent. As a sponsor, we expected… Read More >

Cohesity Cares: 2016 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

Cohesity recognizes that we are more than just a business; we are part of a community. As part of the #CohesityCares program and in the spirit of giving back this holiday season, Cohesity was proud to sponsor a company team who participated in the 2016 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. Thanks to Michael Lu @mikelu97 and… Read More >

Cohesity Cluster Upgrades

Cohesity innovates fast. With fast innovation comes new releases packed with an ever growing list of new and updated features including dedup, compression, fully hydrated snapshots, software based encryption, mixed workloads, global search, analytics, and node by node cluster expansion. All this new functionality is great, but our customers also tell us that they don’t… Read More >

Retro Gaming is Cool, Retro IT is not.

Nintendo has been on a roll. In July, they released Pokemon Go and revitalized a franchise that started on the original Game Boy over 20 years ago. Four months later, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of the 80s icon that captivated an entire generation of gamers. Retro gaming is making a… Read More >

Cohesity Announces Data Protection Services Running In the Public Cloud

Although cloud services offer many benefits over traditional on premises operations, the cloud transition has not been without its challenges. One such challenge is that of backup and recovery. Although cloud backup solutions do exist, many such solutions offer only the bare minimum backup capabilities and fail to truly leverage the unique flexibility of public… Read More >