Cohesity S3

July 12, 2017

Products, TechTalks

Rapid data growth and an increased demand for private and hybrid cloud storage are driving object storage technology to the mainstream. Enterprises and applications are utilizing object storage for scalable, cost-effective on-premises cloud storage solution. Cohesity DataPlatform 4.0 provides an S3-compatible storage platform (in addition to NFS and SMB) as a scalable, secure and cost-effective… Read More >

Demonstrating Linear Scalability of Cohesity Data Platform

June 27, 2017

Products, TechTalks

Many enterprise storage systems claim they scale out linearly, but in reality their performance reaches a cap as more nodes are added. As a result, businesses are hesitant to buy scale-out systems due to worries that as their enterprise scales, the system might not actually scale with it. Typically, the primary reason for degradation in… Read More >

Cohesity awarded 2017 top workplace for second time

June 26, 2017

Company Announcements, Culture

At Cohesity, our culture is defined by 5 carefully chosen values: acting with integrity, delivering on your promises, having a positive attitude, always treating others with respect, and putting the customer first. Each Cohesian is here to help us drive the cohesity culture and live these values daily! It’s great to see our culture infused… Read More >

Cohesity at Cisco Live 2017 Coming Soon

June 23, 2017

Company Announcements, Industry News

This summer can be even “hotter” than you expect. The Cohesity team is ready for Cisco Live 2017! The event is from June 26-29th and will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. We don’t have to sell Cisco Live to you with all its awesomeness, but with Cohesity there,… Read More >

Cohesity at Pure Accelerate 2017 conference

June 16, 2017

Company Announcements, Customers, Industry News

We just wrapped up an amazing week at Pure Storage’s annual user conference, PureAccelerate. If you’ve attended any Pure sponsored event or spent anytime learning about Pure Storage products you are immediately aware of their fondness for the color Orange. More importantly Pure and every employee you meet along the way is passionate about creating… Read More >

The Virtual VMUG 2017 Aftermath

June 14, 2017

Company Announcements, Industry News

Cohesity turned up the creative juices for this year’s Virtual VMUG event, which took place last week on June 8th. We decided to add a little more character to our booth design, upped our social campaigns and prizes, and wound up with a successful event. As entertaining as it was to see virtual Mohit and… Read More >

Cohesity Virtual VMUG 2017

June 6, 2017

Company Announcements, Customers, Industry News

The Cohesity team is ready for the upcoming Virtual VMUG on June 8th! Please stop by our virtual booth to learn about our mission in remaking secondary storage. Attend our session The Modern DataPlatform for vSphere Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures featuring Rawlinson Rivera on June 8 at 11:50 AM CST to learn: Why converged secondary storage… Read More >

Cohesity and HPE Joint Solution to Deliver Web-Scale Secondary Storage

May 25, 2017

Company Announcements, Industry News, Products

Cohesity and HPE have joined forces to deliver a solution that combines Cohesity software with HPE servers to consolidate and simplify secondary storage for the enterprise. This is a very natural partnership that allows both companies to play to their strengths for the benefits of our joint customers. We combine Cohesity web-scale software with the… Read More >

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition demonstrates portability of Cohesity solution

May 25, 2017

Company Announcements, Industry News

Cohesity DataPlatform spans the entire range of remote sites, branch sites, data center and the cloud. Cohesity DataPlatform is available as a virtual edition for small sites, an integrated hardware and software solution for larger sites and central data center as well as a Cloud Edition that provides an offering in the cloud. The solution… Read More >

Public Cloud vs Tape considerations for long term data retention

May 11, 2017

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Data backup provides recovery options from data loss scenarios such as hardware failures, data corruption, human errors. Typical backup solutions enable RTO and RPO SLA objectives to be met. In addition, customers also require data to be retained long term in order to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Both public cloud and tape offer the… Read More >